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Terms & Conditions



By using Bazooka App  (the “mobile application”), you, the User(s) (“you”, “your”, or the “Customer”) in this document  unconditionally agree to the terms and conditions that we, Tradnix Global, with our Registered Office at Shiv Mandir Road, Vidya Nagar, Bilaspur Chhattisgarh PIN 495001 (“Bazooka / Tradnix Global”, “Bazooka App”, “we” or “us” or “our” in this document) have provided herein for use of Bazooka mobile application owned and maintained by us. All interactions with the mobile application must be in compliance of the Terms and Conditions provided herein. If you do not agree with the outlined terms and conditions (the “Terms & Conditions” in this document) please refrain from using the mobile application. The term mobile application shall include any or all mini sites, Algorithms, Logs, Data wherever mentioned.


This app is only a service facilitator platform where the user(s) and the business establishment(s) owner/service provider(s) registered with website/app shall meet and interact with one another for the purpose of obtaining/availing/providing discount(s)/offer(s).


That for users BAZOOKA app plays a very limited role in this business activity of extending the facility/facilities to the user(s) to obtain discount(s)/offer(s) and assist in redemptions of discount / offers issued by business establishment(s) registered with the BAZOOKA app. The user(s) can access this app on their mobile or internet connected device. For accessing the app or for using all the services and features of BAZOOKA the user(s) has to mandatorily signup and register on the Bazooka app and by signing up, it would be deemed that the user acknowledges and agrees to the terms and conditions of this agreement as provided herein and as updated from time to time.




·       Business Establishment/Registered Business Establishment shall means and includes vendors/sellers/shops/outlets/companies which are registered with Bazooka App for offering, providing or extending various kinds of coupons, discounts, offers, vouchers, deals, or anything of similar nature, for sale of their product(s) and service(s) on the app or if simply put up their product(s) or service(s) for marketing purposes on Bazooka App.


·       User(s) shall means and include any person or legal entity competent to enter into a contract as per the Indian Contract Act, 1872 for the purpose of availing or accepting various kinds of discount, coupons, offers, vouchers issued by registered business establishments on the  Bazooka App. Registration for user(s) on the app is optional, subject to Terms and conditions as provided herein.


·       We/us/our shall means and include Bazooka app owned by Tradnix Global




1.    User(s) must be of sound mind and must not disabled by any law in India from entering into this agreement and must be capable to enter, perform the contract under Indian Contract Act, 1872. 

2.    User(s) has to provide the details like his/her mobile number, email ID, gender and date of birth before accessing the app in order to become a registered user. However, user(s) can access the app without registration, but in such case the user(s) will only have access to certain limited features and contents of the Bazooka app, as provided.

3.    The user(s) shall not be eligible for any coupons if it is detected that he/she has withheld the payments or has indulged in unscrupulous activity, fraud or for bulk purchases made by him/her from the registered business establishment by him/her.

4.    The user(s) shall use the coupons within the stipulated validity period as mentioned on the coupon itself, or stated otherwise.

5.    Bazooka has the right to terminate any future transactions including the benefit(s) of discounts/offers/vouchers/coupons without any reasons, at its sole discretion without any liability on its part if strict compliance is not adhered to the terms and conditions of this agreement as well as the operating instructions/terms of Bazooka App.

6.    User(s) agree that Bazooka has the right to modify/change/alter/amend all or any of the terms of this agreement at its discretion without giving any reasons.

7.    User(s) agrees and acknowledges that Bazooka app is not involved and has no role whatsoever in the sale and purchase of goods/products which are offered by business establishment(s) on the platform of Bazooka app and hence Bazooka app cannot warranty/guaranty or be liable for the quality, quantity, price, deliverables etc., of the goods/services purchased by the user(s) from the registered business establishment(s).

8.    User(s) agrees and acknowledges that Bazooka app acts / offer services only as a facilitator and is not a party or in control in any manner with regard to deciding and arranging time slot(s) to visit the registered business establishment(s) for appointment at the outlet or any telephonic promises AND OR any business transactions between the registered business establishment(s) and the User(s) inter se.

9.    The user(s) shall be bound by the terms and conditions or operational instructions to avail any facility offered by Bazooka app.

10. User(s) agrees that Bazooka shall neither be liable for any damage(s) or cost on account of any dispute occurring between the user(s) and business establishment(s) registered on Bazooka and nor it shall be responsible or liable to mediate to resolve any disputes between the user(s) and business establishment(s).

11. User(s) agrees and acknowledges that Bazooka shall not be liable / responsible for any misbehavior or any tortuous behavior or negligence or any other action or omission by the registered business establishments.

12. User(s) agrees and acknowledges that coupon(s)/offer(s)/discount(s)/voucher(s)/deals chosen by him/her of the registered business establishments who has issued the same shall be strictly as per registered business establishment’s policy and as per terms and conditions stated on the coupons and such terms and conditions as may be modified/updated/amended from time to time.

13. User(s) agrees and undertakes that Bazooka shall be authorized to utilize information gathered about the user(s) for its internal use, analysis, for improving its artificial intelligence, market reach or for providing better services and such other allied purposes.

14. User(s) agrees and undertakes that Baazooka shall have the right to communicate about the feature(s), discount(s), voucher(s), offer(s), interest(s), new deal(s) with user(s) on his/her mobile via SMS, in app notifications etc. or through E-mail, WhatsApp or any other instant messaging service/platform. The User(s) undertakes that if such communication(s) do not reach the user(s) due to any technical specification(s) / setting(s) of the electronic device used by the user(s) or due to enabling the features of “Do Not Disturb (DND)”/Silent mode/block notifications by the user(s) at their end, then Bazooka shall have no liability / responsibility towards any claim arising due to such non-communication(s).

15. User(s) agrees and undertakes that Bazooka has the unilateral authority to change/alter/modify/amend/vary/delete/add any terms and conditions at any point of time after this agreement has come into force.

16. The User(s) agrees and undertakes that he/she shall exercise due care and caution and shall not avail/obtain/purchase any coupon(s)/discount(s)/product(s)/voucher(s) or services which he/she is prohibited to, as per the laws prevailing in India. If under any event or circumstances, the user(s) avail/obtain/purchase any coupon(s)/discount(s)/product(s)/voucher(s) or services which he/she is prohibited under the law, Bazooka shall not be liable / responsible for denial / refusal of the benefit of such coupon(s)/discount(s)/service(s)/voucher(s) to the user(s) by the business establishments which are registered with Bazooka.

17. Bazooka shall not be responsible / liable if the user(s) while accessing/utilizing/ the app violates any laws prevailing in India or does anything which he / she is prohibited under the law to do. Any action(s) taken by the law enforcement agency or agencies pursuant to the violation by the user(s) shall be at the risk and cost of user(s) only.

18. Force Majeure: Bazooka shall have no liability towards the user(s) in case of events happening of the nature of force majeure till the effect of such Force Majeure incidents are over. No party shall be held responsible for failure if they are unable to perform their obligations due to the effect of Force Majeure events like floods, natural disasters, war, act of terror, political unrest, technical snags, pandemic, act of God and change of law or any such occurrence beyond the reasonable control of the parties.

19. User(s) agrees and undertakes that this agreement and other ancillary agreements which are part of this agreement and their terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of India and in case of any conflict or dispute arising in relation to any terms and conditions of this agreement hereto between user(s) and Bazooka, the same shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the court(s) situated at Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh.

20. Dispute Resolution Clause: All disputes arising between the parties in relation to the terms and conditions of Bazooka shall be subject to Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1992 as prevailing at that point of time and it will be referred to arbitration by sole arbitrator. The seat and venue of Arbitration shall be Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh. The language for arbitration will be English and the arbitral award will be final and binding on the Parties. However before initiating the arbitration proceedings, the aggrieved party shall communicate the dispute by writing an email to the other party and upon receipt of such communication both the parties will make active efforts to resolve their dispute in amicable and friendly manner within a period of 30 days from the date of receipt of the communication. 

21. User(s) agrees and undertakes that he/she shall not hold Bazooka responsible for any infringement of intellectual property rights committed by registered business establishments in his transactions with the user(s).




·       In order to use the app, the user(s) needs to download the app from the available platform on internet connected mobile device

·       The user can use the app without registration. However, user will not be able to access all the content on the app. If user opts in for registering, user needs to provide Name and Mobile number to receive the OTP for validation. The user has option to provide other details in the edit profile section in the app.

·       The user then can search the app for registered business establishment(s) to see their offers/discounts/deals/vouchers/coupons or promotional content. User may be required to provide location for accessing the registered business establishment(s) in his/her locality.

·       Once the user decides on a particular offer/discount/promotional content, user can press download button to receive a WhatsApp message form our official number i.e. 8103511760. The user then can avail the same by showing the message to the vendor from the official WhatsApp chat.

·       The user can also Bookmark the said coupon/offer/promotional content and find it in the bookmark section of the app and show the same to the vendor.

·       Terms & Conditions of Bazooka app and of the vendor shall have full applications at all the time.




·       Only registered users can play Spin the Wheel on Bazooka App.

·       User can spin only once a day

·       User needs to be a resident of Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh in most cases as the prizes are locally available and distributed. In case of an online offer like a coupon code from an online store, the user can avail the same by visiting the website of that concerned registered business establishment(s)

·       All the prizes are mentioned under ‘Spin the Wheel’ banner on Home Screen of the mobile application. All users have an equal chance to win and Bazooka holds all the rights to dismiss the contest at any given point of time.

·       The user, who wins the contest, explicitly agrees to get contacted by the office of Bazooka app by means of phone call or SMS or WhatsApp.

·       When a user wins, he will be informed about the same just after the user completes the spin.

·       All the offers and rewards given in the contest will be subject to the terms and conditions as fixed by the registered business establishment and the User(s) shall have to abide by such terms and conditions in order to avail the offers and rewards.

·       The winning user, if proceeds to avail the offer, shall be deemed to have agreed to let Bazooka App post their names on social media channels. The winning offer also may or may not require to tag the vendor on their personal social media channels which depends on sole discretion of the vendor.

·       All the other details will be discussed on call with the winner with a representative from Bazooka App.

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