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Our app will help your business stand out and grow with features like increasing brand awareness, building brand recall and attracting customers.

Upload & manage
promotions easily.
Get qualified
Gamify your


Get people hooked with offers.

Create online coupons for your business with code, expiry date, and redemption system. When a customer downloads the coupon, they receive complete detail on WhatsApp


A WhatsApp-powered web catalogue for you.

Waste no time or money with Bazooka App’s WhatsApp-powered web catalogue. Get order on WhatsApp, no payment portal, and zero inventory management.


Add fun to marketing.

With gamification, it's easy to make your customer experience memorable. Add offers and prizes and watch customer engagement skyrocket.


Say goodbye to tired, inefficient design.

You decide what you want to offer and we’ll create a design that highlights your offer in an attention-grabbing way. Because our designs are awesomely visual. 

Track your offers and qualified leads.


Our app gives instant analytics, including who is interested or not and what people are viewing. We do offer simple analytics like Instagram visits, site visits and views and clicks on listings.


We have your back.

When you use Bazooka, we send WhatsApp messages with upcoming occasions, weekends, holidays, and offer suggestions. Just reply with your offer and our messaging system will keep you in the loop.

A New Marketing Experience. 

Bazooka App will help you promote your business, let potential customers know about your products and offers, and stay connected with them.

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