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Dekhe Bilaspur ka local market aur jeete offers

Bazooka is a local lifestyle app which lets you find the latest & trendy things in your city. It helps you find offers & discounts from your favourite vendors and get the best deals.

Browse on Bazooka and roam the city without actually stepping out and save money on your purchases. Search for your favourite shops and see who’s giving the most for your money.

Stay in touch with the city by participating in polls to share your opinion, read news and check out local stories !

Discover the trending sections to find out the biggest savings and new openings in the city. Win free goodies and avail free deals by spinning the Bazooka Wheel !!

Simply bookmark what you like or download it to get a whatsapp message. Show the official message to the vendor to avail the benefits. From getting a haircut to buying a fridge, we have got it all.


About Us 

Bazooka App is the latest venture launched by Tradnix Global. The company is aiming to target 3rd Tier cities particularly because of lack of awareness in the marketing outlook. Bazooka App is a next-gen hybrid listing platform where vendors can upload their latest offerings and deals in a graphical way to attract new customers and generate leads at local level.

Tradnix Global as a company is engaged in marketing consultancy with its prime platform being Bazooka App, serving the purpose of a discovery based platform for generating local marketing steam for vendors and letting the users enjoy the benefit of aggregated offers and find out the latest happenings in the city and get indulged in various engaging activities.



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